Open-Source Minecraft Client


Matix is an advanced Minecraft client developed by Paxi. It was first released when Minecraft 1.5.2 was around and was since kept up to date with new releases.

The client is open-source and can be extended by everyone. Since Minecraft 1.8 it supports external plugins which can be installed using the "Plugins" button on the main menu.


Since Matix supports external plugins, the inbuilt functionality is somewhat limited. The core client supports the following features (not including modules):

  • Alt Manager with integration
  • Plugins (new modules, commands, themes available through the store)
  • Easy configuration using the click gui
  • Command system built into the chat (Try #help)
  • Automatic update system


Don't know how some modules work or what they do? Check out the Documentation.


Matix supports a list of plugins which can be installed without restarting the client. Plugins can be used to extend the client - a plugin can add a new module, command, gui theme or even a complete mod. Plugins can be developed without touching the core client. This makes it very easy to create missing features for beginners.

Plugins are built using maven and are open-source as well. There's a tutorial on creating plugins here. You can check out the source of existing plugins on our BitBucket Project. If you want to create a new plugin and don't know where to start, don't hesitate to ask on the Discord (preferably on #development).


Matix is available for various Minecraft versions. You will be able to download them after clicking "Skip" on the link. Please understand that the redirect is mandatory to pay for the servers used to host the Matix infrastructure.

Show all versions (manual installation)


The Matix IRC is hosted on (#Matix). Feel free to join using an external IRC Client. You can register your nickname using NickServ and configure Matix to use that account. Check out the IRC documentation for more information.