The IRC Plugin allows you to talk to other Matix users. To talk on the IRC, add ‘@’ in front of your message. (example: “@hello!” will send “hello!” to the IRC)


  • “@Hello”
    • Will send Hello to the IRC
  • “@/msg Carl Hey!”
    • Will send “Hey!” to Carl
  • “@/r How are you?”
    • Will send “How are you?” to the last person who sent you a PM


  • “irc connect”
    • Connects when you were disconnected
  • “irc disconnect”
    • Disconnects you from the IRC
  • “irc joinmessage”
    • Enables / Disables IRC Join and Part messages
  • “irc chattoggle”
    • Disables the need to use “@” in front of messages. Everything you type will be sent to the IRC. Use “/msg <username> <message>” to send PMs while this is active.
  • “irc ignore”
    • “irc ignore list
      • Displays a list of ignored people
    • “irc ignore <username>”
      • Adds or removes someone to your ignore list

Additional Notes

To edit your IRC username, open the IRC.json in the irc folder. (inside of the [Core] Settings folder)

By default, it should look something like this:


Simply edit the “userName”. Make sure you don’t remove any of the quotes. If you want to change your name to Carl, the IRC.json would look like this:


After editing the IRC.json, simply restart Minecraft and you should now have the new Name.