Macros allow you to bind messages, server commands as well as Matix commands to keys. (Only commands you have permission for will be executed of course)


  • “macros”
    • Opens up the Macros menu

Adding a Macro

Adding a Macro is currently pretty unintuitive:

First, open up the macro menu by typing “#macros” into the chat.


Click ‘Add‘ to add a new macro. On this acreen you only have to enter a name for the macro and then click ‘Actions‘.


Here you will have to lick ‘Add‘ for each action you want to perform with the macro. There are 2 types of macros:

  • Chat messages and server commands

    • Can be used by typing “chat:Hello World!” or “chat:/home” for messages and server commands respectively
  • Matix commands

    • Can be used by typing “command:help” for Matix commands. (Type “#help” for a list of available commands)

Once you added all actions you want to perform, click ‘Done‘ and Save after that. You should now be back to the Macro list. Select the Macro you just added and click ‘Keybinds‘. Now you can press any button you want to use to execute the Macro.


You can now click ‘Done‘ here as well. Now back ingame, you can press the button you set for the Macro to execute the commands and messages you saved.

Additional Notes

To delete Macros, select them from the list and click ‘Edit‘. On the edit screen, click ‘Remove‘.

Macros are stored in the Macros folder in your [Core] Settings folder.